Leather grip


Color : Caramel
Size : about 100cm
Weight : about 30g

Product description

To complete our range of vintage sports products, we had to offer you our vintage leather grip to allow you to also customize your old tennis rackets, your wooden golf clubs, the handle of your cricket bats, or even your Vintage baseball bat.

Also called leather tape, griptape or leather strap, we will present to you all the possibilities available to you with these very versatile leather strips. You will also see that they can easily be customized by choosing your own patina or by engraving your first name on them.


A brown leather grip for what?

With our vintage leather grip, you can easily use it for your bike’s handlebar tape (the handlebar tape) or add a rustic touch to your Wilson tennis racket or your Fairway golf club.

Leather vs synthetic? An ideal leather grip for tennis!

In tennis, the leather grip is used to improve the grip of the racket. It provides better feel and grip, making it easier for the player to control their shots. The leather grip is also more durable than synthetic straps, making it ideal for regular riders.

More and more tennis players or tennis brands are calling on us to provide them with Ben and Flo leather grips because they are attracted by the exceptional rendering of our vintage products and the comfort in the hand of the items on which we use them as the baseball bat.

Moreover, if you are a professional, do not hesitate to contact us to provide you with vintage leather accessories.

With a length of approximately 1m, it will be suitable for all possible uses and you could even use it twice on certain products which do not require a great length, such as tennis rackets.

Moreover, the Head leather grip or the Wilson leather grip are generally less than a meter long.

Our vintage leather grip has a self-adhesive strip allowing it to be attached to the support of your choice. The microperforated grip allows perspiration to escape better while adding character to the product.

Some people ask us “Is the difference in weight between switching from a synthetic grip to a leather grip obvious?”

Not really except for professional tennis players.

Generally speaking, thicker grips provide more comfort, while thinner grips provide more feel. The Ben et Flo grip is thin enough not to thicken your handle while being a little heavier than usual leathers.

Customize all your wooden handles

The leather grip is mainly used in tennis, but can also be used in other sports such as boxing, badminton, squash, padel and even other ancient sports that we are going to tell you about.

The uses of this accessory are really numerous, easy to set up, why not take advantage of it to customize all your sporting goods that have a handle? There are more of them than you imagine.

You can use this grip to restore a lacrosse, hockey or polo stick yourself, for example. All handles from 1 to 3cm in diameter can be equipped with our leather grip. This is the guarantee of an adequate renovation while keeping the vintage character of your accessory.

Moreover, to accentuate the visual contrast of the perforation, each hole has been marked with black.

Outside of sports, the leather grip can also be used to improve the grip on tools or objects. For example, to improve the grip of a fishing rod, a broom handle or a gardening tool.

A customizable vintage leather grip

We don’t necessarily think about it, but personalizing your vintage leather grip with your name, first name, date of birth or your club logo is entirely possible. Besides, it’s a great gift idea for small budgets.

For this we have a very high definition engraver allowing hot marking of leather. No flocking or plastic, the hot stamping is durable and above all the contrast is very elegant.

No worries with the perforation, several centimeters of grip are available at the start or end of the roll allowing you to integrate your personalization into the handle of your golf club for example or your tennis racket.

No imitation leather at Ben et Flo, only genuine full-grain leather which you can easily patinate to the color of your choice if you want to personalize it a little more to make it unique. This will give you an exceptional result and above all much less new than the replacement leather grip that you could buy commercially.

Our vintage grip can therefore be personalized with the patina of your choice, the engraving of your choice and the length of your choice. What do you think ?

No brand offers you this level of customization. Thanks to our workshop and the size of our structure, the customization of your tennis racket or your golf club is limitless.


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