Vintage WOODEN Golf Club 1950-1960

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Dimensions: about 110cm long

Weight: about 400g


Product description

Authentic vintage wooden golf clubs from various collections, mostly from the 50s and 60s.

Made in England or Scotland, these old clubs are still in great condition. Each wood is unique. The shape is DRIVER type, that is to say the head of the club is wide and curved in order to facilitate very long shots and thus gain distance on your golf course.

These vintage clubs are available with either a wooden or steel shaft (choose when ordering, see below). Articles explaining the characteristics of a golf club can easily be found on the Internet.

The 100% wood shafts are the rarest to find and are available in very limited quantities as we are very selective on the beauty of the object (you will find some examples in the picture). The size of the shafts varies according to the models of our golf club sets. The best thing is to make a reservation because when they are in stock they are gone immediately.
However, the best seller is the wood putter with a steel shaft. Thanks to its very attractive price, you can easily afford one or more beautiful old golf clubs. At this price, we are the only ones to offer you these unique models on the market. Even on ebay, they are usually sold between 100 and 150€ each, so you can have a look.
We also have some very old wooden golf clubs with copper heads for collectors, these are the rarest and therefore the most expensive. We are often out of stock on this model so if you see it available don’t delay in putting it in your basket 😉

Our strength is to take advantage of a huge network of antique dealers around the world and especially in England where we go to find these old wooden golf clubs. Our buying capacity is much higher than that of a collector, which allows us to acquire very interesting lots among which are real nuggets.

As we are very well referenced, some individuals also come across our site and contact us from time to time to offer us their old wooden golf clubs or sometimes their irons.

As is often the case, it is impossible for us to take a photo of each wood to present them to you individually and help you choose. So the easiest way for you to select your collection is to follow our arrivals on social networks. If you have your eye on an old golf club, then contact us quickly by PM or better still, leave us a little comment. We know that some people “don’t like social networks” but it’s the only way we have found at the moment, and that’s also why we sell our products for decoration, even if we take pleasure in exchanging with informed collectors.

Last solution, if you can’t do otherwise, send us an MMS or launch a quick Whatsapp video once you have placed your order, so that we can make you choose among our current stock.


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