Antique vintage tennis racket (wooden)

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Size : around 68cm x 23cm

The Weight : around 400g      

Product description

Here is a vintage tennis racket for your vintage decoration. It comes from one of our series of different brands passed in our hands like Slazenger, Dunlop, Triumph, Fisher, Uhlsport, Adidas, Lacoste, Intersport, Ascot, Regent, Torkeo, Redstroke, Gerco, Starsabre, etc.

These vintage tennis rackets come mainly from England and these models have become rare to find.

To get the details of our arrivals and enjoy the photos of an old wooden tennis racket, follow the news feed on our Ben&Flo page and come forward as soon as you have a crush. You will also discover in our FAQ or below that you can choose your model of wooden racket even by ordering online (premium option).

Ideal for an authentic vintage decoration on the wall, in a chalet or a teenage room. These snowshoes will also appeal to collectors of sporting goods.

We propose 3 types (options) of tennis rackets to choose from at the time of ordering.

1- First with an “attractive” price, more traditional models of tennis rackets in general coloured in graphite or sometimes in varnished wood but without much value, it must be admitted. The latter remain vintage tennis rackets but from a more recent period. They are cheaper and allow you to easily aquérir a lot for your decor.

2- Then you will find the old all-wood snowshoes. These are the ones we sell the most and which you will find mostly among the lots we own. The old tennis racket is vintage and it is made of real wood, but it has remained in its juice, that is to say the rope may be broken or the wood a little damaged.

3- Finally, we have some rather rare magnificent models (1950-60) that we called “premium” (example with the Dunlop MAXPLY PRO model or with 2 old Gautier rackets). This is the premium version that we advise you to choose if you are looking for a “separate” model and if you are demanding. If you choose the premium version, we guarantee that the frame and string of the racket are in very good condition (frame not deformed and string not broken). Each racket will be carefully monitored prior to shipment. You can find these snowshoes on our Facebook page, our customers love them to frame and/or just hang them on the wall. You may even come across collection models that can sell for more than €100 on the Internet. This is the case of some old Donnay tennis rackets for example. Attention, we only own a few quantities of these “premium” rackets so it is better to notify us several weeks in advance if you need several rackets of this type.

As a “premium service”, if you wish (please specify) once you have placed an order for this premium model, we can send you a photo via MMS or a mini-video on Whatsapp of our different models before sending the racket to you, in order to be sure that the model will please you;-)

What you can also order online as if you were buying an old tennis racket from an antique dealer.

Livraison chez Tennispro de nos anciennes raquettes de tennis et Badminton
Une livraison chez Tennis pro

We can also offer you preferential rates on larger quantities if you are a professional. Even if our snowshoes are sold individually, we can definitely send you about 50 quantities at a time to decorate your event for example, or if you want us to be your supplier. Surely we are the only ones who are able to supply you so many quantities at such low prices. The giant Tennis Pro, for example, ordered us several lots and then sold the models individually on its website.


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