Our affiliate program, the best in decoration!

Would you like to take advantage of the sales you could generate on your network with the Ben et Flo product range? We have set up an affiliation system in the vintage decoration sector which is simple, effective and above all very profitable compared to what competitors and other affiliation platforms offer. We offer 20 to 30% commission on your sales, allowing you to generate substantial passive income.

1. Affiliation in the decoration industry, how does it work?

For a decoration web shop, affiliation is a simple system that consists of giving a percentage of its sales to anyone who communicates about the company’s products by generating sales.

For the blogger, influencer or any other content creator, it is a way to generate passive income from their content creation activity.

For an individual or a shop, it is a way to earn money without having to carry the stock either physically and/or financially. Indeed, more and more companies can offer our range of vintage sports products to their customers directly via their tablet in the shop, for example, just as we used to do with a catalogue.

Example: you want to highlight our vintage rugby ball on your website? Then think about putting the promo code we gave you below so that your customers can use it when ordering.

Thanks to our 20% commission, the retailer is a winner because he does not have to spend any cash or space to display our products (he can if he wants to) and earns almost as much as the usual margin he can make on his products (usually 30% net margin).

So you’re going to say to me, “Okay, but how do I measure the sales I’ve generated?

This is where the promo code comes into play, which will be assigned to you and which you will be able to use with your community. This code allows a 5% discount that your prospects can use at the time of purchase. This will allow us to easily extract your sales in our back-office.

promo code Ben et Flo

Once your customer/friend has placed an order, our back office automatically tracks the order. This will allow us to easily extract your sales and pay you your commission.

This is what affiliate reporting looks like on our site:

Membership fees for Ben and Flo

When you want, you can pay your commission by simply contacting us. Either we can pay you 20% of your net sales or 30% in vouchers to be used on our site, that’s up to you 😉 


2. How do I apply for our affiliate program?


Following the numerous requests from decorators and individuals, we ask you to give us as much detail as possible about your project, your community and the number of people in your community.

Please leave us your contact details and we will study your application carefully and contact you by email and then by telephone.

We will not reply if the request is too vague or if it seems to us not to be serious.

Remember to leave us the link to your social networks, your website or any other element that will allow us to appreciate your visibility on the web.

As our affiliation programme is one of the most lucrative on the decoration market, we have to be ultra-selective to perpetuate the image of our small structure.

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