Reseller and community rates : vintage decoration supplier for professionals

As you can see, we have several generations of experience in vintage products and in particular in vintage sports to be your vintage supplier. We have several workshops for both the tanning of the leather and the making of our items such as the leather rugby ball, our best seller! We can choose our own colour, our own patina and for some time now we can mark the leather with your logo. Please note that this is not a pale silk-screen print as we often see and which does not give the cachet that we expect in vintage decoration. The personalisation is marked in the leather, which even gives your balloon a relief.

A supplier of vintage decorations for your sports club

– What could be better than an authentic rugby ball stamped with your logo and made entirely by hand to offer to your club members for example? It is quite possible to buy a single ball to try out a sample for example and not take any risks! Then the quantities you want will determine your supplier’s purchase price.

– Do you own a ready-to-wear shop and want to accessorise your shop window by selling an unusual item to your customers? We can also provide you with preferential prices for professionals depending on the quantities required (count on a 20 to 40% discount on our posted prices).

– Are you simply looking for a vintage rugby or football supplier to create an exclusive range/brand in the colours of your choice? We can design and manufacture the ball model you want directly from our prototyping workshop in Audun-le-Roman, France. We can then manufacture it to your specifications and budget. We have workshops in France, in England and in countries that have mastered the know-how of handmade. The same goes for the tanneries. Whatever your choice we are demanding with our leathers which are almost all vegetable tanned thanks to an ancestral know-how that nobody else offers on the market.

Our professional prices as a supplier for professionals

As an example for professionals only, we can supply you with a 4 panel rugby ball in leather from 23€ TTC only depending on the quantities required. We can also supply leather boxing gloves from 32€ TTC. Being a supplier of vintage decoration for professionals means above all controlling the cost of manufacturing to offer you this type of price.

By working with us, you have the guarantee of a production tool and an exclusive range. We currently supply many shops in France and throughout Europe, notably in Camden Town in England or even in the heart of London where you can sometimes recognize our products 😉

Some famous shops in Paris also work with us with their own brand but we can’t name them. It is quite easy to recognize the quality of our leather with its unusual character. The care we take with the vegetable tanning does not allow any other competitor to offer the same quality.

If you would like to do a test, you can easily contact us with a brief explanation of your project and we will get back to you.

Vintage wholesaler for small structures

In general, to help small businesses, we allow an initial sample order at a 30% discount across our site which allows you to test our products with your customers without having to risk the 10 quantities per item that are normally required to break even.

Thanks to an exclusive promotional code via our site, we can also send our articles directly to your customers (this is drop-shipping) which allows you to offer them our entire range on a tablet for example, without having to store or mobilise cash.

To do this, nothing could be simpler: you browse our site with your customer and add the items to your basket by entering their postal address or that of your shop. At the end of the order, you apply your professional discount thanks to the code that we provided you, allowing you to make your margin 😉

Professional friends, contact us to provide you with our vintage articles 😉

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