Ball customization

Do you want to customize your rugby ball, basketball, football or even your punching bag with your name or logo? It’s very simple, in less than 5 minutes on our site, you can customize your ball by following these few steps.


1. The 3 steps to customize your ball with your first name.

Step 1: Select the ball or sports item of your choice (rugby, basketball, football, etc)

Step 2: Choose your options (premium leather, inflation, etc) and select “CUSTOM ENGRAVING”. In the product photos and below we offer you a good dozen fonts that you can choose and communicate to us when making your choice.

Step 3: Fill in the field “Enter the text to be engraved” if you want to write your first name or a date on your ball for a birthday for example.
Vintage typefaces
It’s in this box that you can give us the size you want (between 1 and 10cm wide and/or high), the font chosen from the list and the location of your choice on the ball. We advise you to place it along a seam for a discreet marking or in the centre of a panel of the ball if you want something more readable like below.

Your customization with your first name is now complete, all you have to do is pay for your order and thank us for the little gift you are going to give!

2. Customize your ball with your company logo.

In the box dedicated to customization, you can choose to engrave your ball with your logo. It’s very simple to customize the ball of your choice, you just have to upload your logo by clicking on the button you see below.

3. “Unlimited” logo customization:

If you wish to go even further in the customization of your vintage products, such as engraving a logo with a text next to or underneath it or choosing another font that you found here on Dafont for example, this is entirely possible by contacting us directly via the contact form on the right.

For these specific requests, we generally offer a fixed price of 30€ which includes the processing and vectorisation of your visual as well as the the configuration of our machine to your request.