Old wooden cricket bat (England 1940-1950)

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Dimensions: about 85cm long and 11cm wide

Weight: about 1000g

Compatible: cricket ball available on our website

Product description

For vintage decoration or collection, this old cricket bat (pronounced “crikette”) is perfect. These models come to us mainly from England, they are chintzed then imported or rather transported by batches to our workshop in France. Some of them are very old and sometimes need a little restoration. Other cricket bats are true masterpieces and therefore collector’s items sometimes considered priceless on the second hand market.

Handled by the batsman in the 40’s and 50’s, our old cricket bat is usually made of willow wood and its handle is made of rattan (there are a lot of interesting articles on the web to understand the rules of cricket).

  • When making your choice, select an old “premium” cricket bat if you want to choose among the most beautiful ones (mainly the ones we have taken pictures of). Because of the inscriptions on the bat and the quality of the restoration of the handle and the wood, the old premium cricket bats have a particular cachet, a little extra that will give charm to your decoration.
  • The classic version of the old cricket bat, on the other hand, should not be considered “second choice” as our description above might suggest, but rather a more standard model with less writing on the blade.

In any case, the bats sold on our site are unique. You can see the details of our arrivals in real time and choose your model of cricket bat on our Facebook page by leaving a comment or a message. In general, the photo of the last batch of old cricket bats received, is automatically uploaded here in our article file (photos attached to the ad). Don’t forget also our old cricket ball to complete your bat 😉

If you choose the premium version of the cricket bat, we can also send you a picture by MMS, only after your order, of some models of the range to let you choose freely. Don’t forget to tell us when you order 😉

Some examples of vintage cricket bats just received: the SLZENGER LONDON bat or the classic GUNN AND MOORE bats found in North London. The JACK CHARP LTD special new century or the Tildesley and Holbrook bat (Manchester) ! It also happened to us to bring back the EDWARD PAGE SURREY KENNIGTON that we find labelled 200€ in some antique shops.

ATTENTION, we are often out of stock on this product because the quantities are very limited. We work a lot by reservation so the cricket bats are quickly distributed among the waiting customers, which means that the online stock is not permanent. The seasonality on the old cricket bat is quite strong.


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