Vintage iron golf club 1930-50 – English collection

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Dimensions: about 110cm long

Weight: about 400g

Product description

This old iron golf club comes from our two collections from the 1930s to 1950s.

Unlike the old wooden clubs (which we also offer), the irons are used for shorter shots, ideal for more precise approaches to the green.

Our old golf irons are an authentic product and sometimes very rare for certain models if we believe the customer feedback. Well, we have to admit that we are not experts in golf clubs either, and even less so when they are very old like some of the ones we are dusting off!

In general, they are of English or Scottish manufacture, they were forged by hand by our ancestors, at least by the older generations. All our clubs are still in great condition despite their age, only the grip is sometimes damaged but we do not hesitate to give it a second youth in our workshop.

  • When corrosion has covered the head and/or hosel of the golf club, we run it through our magic rags, scrapers and lots of elbow grease to restore it to its former glory and make it look (almost) like new again.
  • For those who want to keep an old golf club in its original condition, we also offer it “unrefurbished” at a more affordable price.

Choose the finish that suits you best for your vintage decoration.

If you are on a tight budget and/or want to buy several quantities, the golf iron with the graphite shaft is nice because it is vintage even if the shaft is not made of wood.

If you absolutely want a vintage/antique feel, we recommend buying the golf iron with a raw wood shaft as it is quite easy to sand down at least the club head.

If you prefer to leave this to us, choose the renovated version of the golf club.

If you are a decoration professional or even a private individual wishing to place a large order (wedding decoration, reception, trade show, etc.), we can typically offer you discounts on several quantities or even lend/rent our antique golf clubs. There is nothing more classy than to present a dozen golf clubs next to each other for the opening of your shop for example.

Anyway, let us guide you through our different finishes above and enjoy your old iron golf club as you wish. As always, a small photo of our product integrated into your interior decoration will give us great pleasure, so we are counting on you 😉

As is often the case, it is not possible for us to take a picture of every golf club to show you each one individually and allow you to choose. So the only way for you to select your collection is to follow our arrivals on social networks. If you have your eye on a particular iron, please contact us by PM or better still, leave us a comment. We know that some people “don’t like social networks” but it’s the only way we have found at the moment and that’s why we sell primarily to the home rather than to the discerning collector.

Lastly, if you have no choice, send us an MMS or initiate a quick Whatsapp video once you have placed your order, so that you can choose your future golf club from our current stock.


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