Vintage wooden baseball bat


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Dimensions: standard adult size approx. 83cm

Weight: about 1165g

Finish: usually made of rosewood or acacia wood

Product description

If the Louisville Slugger antique baseball bat is not suitable for you because it is “too damaged” as we sometimes hear, we now offer you our own vintage wooden baseball bat hand turned from solid wood. The workmanship is close to perfection, allowing you to play ball with this beautiful object that we designed from scratch.

We have been inspired by the old Louisville Slugger designs to create our own handcrafted model with the patinas we love to give a vintage look to all our products. Woodturning is something we are familiar with 😉

The wood is old and therefore very dry, you can even see some discreet cracks that will give all the charm to your collectible.

The grip is made of old leather, also hand-patinated. The solid wood is beautiful and its structure gives an exceptional cachet to this wooden baseball bat.

We sincerely believe that with this new model, we can decorate all the rooms of the baseball enthusiasts if you help us to share our products and thus our know-how. This is a far cry from the standard wooden baseball bats made in the factory.

You have a choice of 2 colours but if you hesitate, the light coloured bat (Havana) remains the most popular with our customers. Indeed, the texture is close to the solid oak that we are used to work in our workshop which allowed us to bring out the best.

Also, some baseball or softball clubs can easily customize our wooden bat with their logo for example, as we do with the Lemon Peel baseballs.

You can also ask us to write your first name or any other customization to make your own Harley Quinn Suicide Squad or Walking Dead baseball bat. Please note that customizing a wooden baseball bat can take a long time if you want to engrave the whole bat.

Also, due to the success of this wooden baseball bat, we are working a lot with pre-orders, which means that there will be delays if you see “only on order” in green

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want a custom product or simply engrave your vintage bat with your first and last name at the time of purchase.

The Bassy font is beautiful for personalising your vintage bat (see photos).


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