Old leather lemon peel baseball


Size: 8.5cm
Compatible: baseball bat
Weight: approx. 165g

Product description

The old leather lemon peel baseball is the old version of the traditional baseball that we know today.

Several manufacturers such as Leatherheadsports in the USA offer the Lemon ball. Once made from horsehide, the Lemon ball is now made from cowhide.

Thanks to our unique leather, which has made our reputation, we have made this baseball entirely by hand. The stitching of the leather panels is very strong and tight.

The craint used for the seam is coloured to create contrast on your ball.

The Lemon ball is slightly larger than the current Major League Baseball classic. Its seams are different.

The history of the Lemon ball began in the 1800’s, where balls varied a bit in size, weight and shape depending on the manufacturer or the baseball pitchers who created it themselves as you will see in the video below.

The term “lemon peel balls” was due to their bumpy, rough exterior and variable size. From 1876 onwards, one size fits all became the norm for baseball players.

These vintage baseballs are the perfect accompaniment to one of our old Louisville Slugger baseball bats for example.

Of course you can play with them if you wish. Here is also a video of how the Lemon ball is made.

For the presentation of your baseball we recommend the mini wooden base.


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