Old wooden badminton racket (Regent, Dunlop, etc.)

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Dimensions: approx. 66cm x 20cm

Weight: about 200g

Product description

This is an old vintage badminton racket made of wood. Our rackets usually come from England.

The handle is thinner than the tennis racket which makes this racket lighter too. We have some interesting lots of vintage badminton rackets including the big brands you all know like Adidas, Regent, Vampire, Powerflow, Dunlop, Donnay, etc. We haven’t found any old Bad rackets from the famous brand Yonex yet 😉 But we’re still looking …

To get an idea of the details of our arrivals and possibly choose a model of old badminton racket, take a look at our news feed on the social networks.

We offer two types of vintage badminton rackets. 

Livraison chez Tennispro de nos anciennes raquettes de tennis et Badminton
First reception at Tennis pro for Europe

On the one hand, the old all-wooden snowshoes (1950) have the most character. On the other hand, more colourful models in graphite or wood but with an alloy part (usually part of the handle). These are still vintage badminton rackets, but have been manufactured more recently. They are cheaper and make it easier for you to buy a set.

All our rackets are sold individually but we always offer interesting discounts on several quantities, even professional prices if you want us to become your supplier. The giant Tennis Pro, for example, ordered several batches from us and then sold the models individually on its website.

Some references easily sell for more than 100€ among collectors.


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