Old pair of soccer – rugby shoes – (1930-1940)

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Dimensions: about 20cm long for JR and 29cm for AD Weight: about 500g for JR and 900g for AD  

Product description

An old pair of handmade soccer shoes. These shoes were used to play soccer and rugby in the early 20th century (circa 1930 – 1940). The studs are nailed directly onto the wooden sole, the laces of the shoe are made of leather as well as all the inserts that form the upper. As the upper is quite high, this old pair of sports shoes can also be compared to rugby cleats. These shoes, known as traditional studs, are authentic, even if they can still be used (some of our customers use them to act in a play for example or to shoot a video, a film, etc.), they are nowadays an object rather adapted to a vintage decoration. Think of displaying them on your bar, in your small second home or possibly on a small table next to your chesterfield sofa. If you are a professional owner of a restaurant, a small cosy B&B or a hotel, you are sure to trigger the wow effect when your guests arrive. This old pair of soccer shoes is a real must have with our punching bag. They are our two best sellers among our professional audience. Of course this pair of vintage shoes is a great gift idea for men too. As always the colour can vary a little depending on the light in your room and the leathers we receive. The sole is sometimes darker and sometimes lighter. The patina is always close to tan/honey but can also vary a little. Don’t worry, we have provided you with enough pictures of our cleats to cover all the lots we can produce. You should also know that we can now make this old pair of soccer shoes into a junior model to decorate your child’s room or, if you can afford it, directly next to the adult pair. Despite your requests, we do not yet make them in the size you want, but maybe we will. Please note that the manufacture of our studs requires some very expensive parts to make the patterns and unfortunately the demand is not (yet) high enough to make it “profitable” for us. The moulds to keep the shape of the soccer shoe when it is made are worth several hundred euros for example. You know what you have to do, order and talk about it around you 😉


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