Wooden rugby ball base (solid oak tee)

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Finish : high quality natural wax.
Dimensions : approx. 12cm diameter x 4cm high
Compatibility: rugby balls, footballs, basketballs
Weight : approx. 180gr
Customizable : YES, please precise the type of font and font size when you will complete the order.

Product description

The wooden rugby ball base, whose real name is “tee”, is designed to display your most beautiful rugby or football.

Solid oak from Quercy (France)

After several months of reflection and above all many requests from you, we have succeeded in designing a perfect tee to display your rugby or football. But the most important thing is the material we have chosen for this base stand: solid oak!!

A short trip to our sawmill in Quercy (a region renowned for its best oak trees) to start with, then on to the wood lathe in the workshop of our master turner; and now the wooden support is slowly taking shape!!

Préparation du chêne (le Mortaisage) avant de le mettre sur le tour pour fabriquer le support ballon rugby bois

The mortising of oak before going to the lathe

Le tourneur travail sur le support barlon rugby bois

Our concentrated artist to give shape to the base

We shape it with our wood chisel to round off the edges of the oak and ensure a near perfect finish.

We finish with a careful hand polishing with the wood shavings to avoid the use of chemicals (we thus avoid varnishes for our bases). The wooden support is finished with the finest grain. As for the colour rendering, we cannot reveal all our secrets, we sometimes use oil, sometimes wax. The finish of the exotic coloured oak base is the result of the meeting of two natural products, giving rise to a wood species similar to ebony.

No more cheap wooden bases for your ball, they are usually soaked in products that are not very natural!

It is sometimes surprising to come across some bases that look very similar (same name and same price)! Identical rugby ball stands from different vendors. Sometimes the pictures are directly from the supplier on the other side of the world (the classic is also the fake grass around the wooden base if you have seen it before).

Une copie d'écran du site 1930sportvintage qui propose des produits d'artisanat Français qui n'en sont pas


Copie d'écran du site allsportvintage qui propose un socle de ballon classique






For the record, before making them ourselves, we had tried to work with one of these “manufacturing salesmen” if you believe the made in France button. We shared with him our desire to work with French ball supports as he indicated on his website and the desire to place a first order. But despite his initial enthusiasm at the sight of the quantities we were ready to buy, we never heard back despite our reminders. With hindsight and when we come across many sites that offer exactly the same type of wooden ball base, we have serious doubts about the quality and origin of these products (we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, though).

Let’s go back to our magic formula 100% made in France this time (you can even come and visit), the result is remarkable, you will appreciate the veins and especially the few knots found in this solid wood.

A quality stand in line with our range of vintage sports products. A great effect in your living room, office or sports area to showcase our beautiful leather rugby balls.

The good news is that our wooden rugby ball base also fits our footballs, basketballs, etc. We have also made it in dark oak so you can choose your colour when you place your order.

You will find several pictures of these 2 colours of wooden bases, both with sunlight and with neutral indoor light so that you can choose without hesitation. Don’t worry, the two colours (natural oak or darker brown) are very close depending on the final wax dosage as you can see on our pictures.

So, we recommend the light oak tee (natural colour of our “classic” version) for rugby balls with a light patina (honey tan colour) and the exotic brown oak tee for darker balls. But there is nothing to stop you from making a choice according to the dominant colour of your room, the paint on the wall or the shade of your furniture, which should also be taken into account.

Keep in mind that old oak (we sometimes find old beams kept in the attic) will always give a more rustic and vintage look to your decoration.

Be aware that the grain of the wood will be more visible on a light oak base, while the knots will be more visible on a darker base.

Also, be aware that each wooden base is unique, some may have imperfections, cracks, etc. It is not a standard product but a handmade wooden rugby ball base to keep an old look.

For the finish, you have the choice between 3 versions, to be chosen in the options when placing your order.

Les différentes finitions d'un socle bois pour ballon de rugbyThe different finishes of our bases

A simple version in recent oak (generally bought in a sawmill) or a more rustic premium version made from beams we have found and which therefore gives the wooden base a maximum of character. It is on this version that you will appreciate the knots and sometimes even the bark if you wish (don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments at the end of your order).

This premium version of the rugby ball base also benefits from an additional manufacturing step, in fact a high quality natural wax is applied to bring out the veins and knots.

Finally, for the customization of the base, you have the choice between several fonts to be communicated to us in the dedicated insert at the end of your order as explained on the dedicated page of the customizable products. We can also customize with your logo or another font on request as this includes some technical costs.

We let you appreciate these pictures before you let yourself be tempted by these pure wonders…


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