Soccer ball inner tube for repair


Size: about 20cm

Weight: 60g to 120gr approx.

Inflating instructions: be careful with the natural latex inner tube, be sure to lubricate the needle before penetration to avoid damage to the valve (see details in our FAQ).



Product description

It has become complicated if you are not a professional to find inner tubes to design your own soccer ball. This premium soccer ball inner tube will allow you to repair your old laced soccer ball.

However, making or repairing your own soccer ball is within the reach of almost everyone and if necessary we can repair your ball as we all have the tools.

As far as leather is concerned, you can find it just about anywhere, for the patina it’s a bit complicated because you have to spend a lot of time mixing it. But when it comes to the inner tube itself, either you find poor quality products (porous material that loses too much air over time), or you have to buy 1,000 quantities from a inner tube manufacturer on the other side of the world (we’ll skip the delays).

Many of you write to us directly to find out if we offer ball repair or the necessary materials. That’s why we decided to sell our own soccer ball inner tube. The inner tube is the same as the one you currently find in our soccer balls. With our customizable raw footballs (without finishing), you will soon be able to copy us and make your own soccer ball in your “workshop”.

From now on, with our ball inner tube, you are autonomous. Buy a simple lace of the same colour in the shops, and you can give your vintage soccer ball a second life. Once the soccer ball inner tube has been replaced, you can polish the lace again to match the colour of your leather.

Regarding the size, it is a standard adult size (60g to 110gr depending on the thickness of the latex you want) and will easily fit both laced and PU glued soccer balls.

Some golfers are very fond of our ball inner tube as it allows them to repair their famous vintage Jabulani official ball and give it a second life. The same goes for the 2008 Europass and the 2006 Teamgeist.

Be careful with the weight of the latex inner tube which should be around 60g for the Jabulani if you want to find the same precision as this famous model 😉 If this is your case, think of choosing this option to get closer to the official ball 😉

Some of you ask us if your soccer ball is repairable. We often tell them that a photo would make our answer easier 😉 In general, you should know that if your ball is thermally glued like all current and recent soccer balls, it is more difficult to repair. Indeed, to replace the inner tube, you must be able to remove the lace allowing you to open it without damaging it. If not, you will have to take your time by peeling off the panel. Then it’s easier to make a small cut in the lining to re-insert the correct inner tube. A soft glue will close the whole thing.

As always, we offer discounts on quantity (from 5 to 20% depending on the quantity required). If you are a professional, for example, think of consulting our section for communities, etc.


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