Vintage deco leather rugby ball (handmade)

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Finish: Hand patinated with a natural dark brown wax. Dimensions: size 5 (adult standard) approx. 29cm x 20cm Compatible with our bases and inflates with a pump and needle that we sell. 
Weight: about 300grs

Inflation instructions: beware of natural latex bladder, be sure to lubricate the needle before penetration to avoid damage to the valve (see details in our FAQ).

Product description

Thick leather like you’ve never seen before, for this leather rugby ball, ideal for your vintage decoration. Carefully tanned and with a very sober brown patina. The assembly of the leather panels has been done by hand, which gives each ball a different look. The marking (i.e. the stamp) is stamped on one of the leather parts of the ball.

You will find several “trademarks” on these stamps like “Epic Sport Outfitters London…” or “Guball Sports London England All leather Handsewn since 1966”.

On some pieces, the marking is very discreet or even invisible, on others it is very marked. Do not hesitate to tell us what you want when you order, we will do our best to find the rugby ball that suits you 😉

This model is designed with our most beautiful leathers, it quickly became our best-seller to give way a few years later to its little brother the Havana brown coloured rugby ball, the ball we can’t miss when we participate in trade shows!

The colour of this leather ball is a very classic dark brown, which will match all the accessories you want.

This leather rugby ball is an ideal object for a vintage decoration in a bar, a restaurant, a hotel, a B&B or simply at home in your living room to accompany your Chesterfield sofa (we’re talking about the real thing). Some photographers or videographers have already ordered this rugby ball to decorate their scenes. Sometimes it is used as the perfect fashion accessory to enhance the photo, while at other times it has found itself at the heart of the scene, as you can see from the various publications on our website.

Some of our clients have decorated their wedding venue with our balls, so why not you? It is also possible to rent our sports accessories for your different events.

If you are looking for an original gift idea for your dad or your elder to decorate his little student flat, then you will have to buy it and above all, think of our wooden tee to hold it upright, it will save him a lot of trouble when a friend will want to grab it to observe it more closely 😉

Now if your budget is really too tight and you were already looking for a cheap rugby ball then you can hang it with a simple transparent wire like we did in our attic apartment.

These are some of the ideas that we were able to present to you with our vintage leather ball. If you are one of those oval ball enthusiasts and decorators, could you please send us some photos of our ball on display in your home? We will be happy to share them here or on our social networks.


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