Bodkin – lacing tool for ball and gloves


Finish: Hand patinated with a natural tan wax that can vary according to our series.
Dimensions: Approximately 27cm
Compatible with all our balls and boxing gloves.
Weight: about 35g
Inflating instructions: be careful with the natural latex bladder, be sure to lubricate the needle before penetration to avoid damage to the valve (see details in our FAQ).

Product description

The lacing needle is an ideal tool for repairing a punctured basketball or an old football or rugby ball that no longer holds its air over time.

Also known as a bodkin, this tool allows you to insert your leather or cotton lace into a hole. So you can easily repair your rugby ball by buying a simple cotton lace in the shop on which you can simply put some shoe polish.

The principle is simple to repair a hand-held ball and the handle is easy to handle because it is made entirely of solid wood. This lacing tool is about 20 cm long and can be easily hung in your workshop.

The lacing needle has been grinded by us to make it easier to penetrate the leather, especially in the holes of an old pair of shoes or gloves. The end of the bodkin is sharpened but not pricked so as not to risk piercing the repair bladder.

Repairing your old punctured ball is really within everyone’s reach if you have the right tools. Don’t worry you can easily remove the old bladder and replace it with our latex bladder.

Here is a short video tutorial we made to show you how to repair a punctured ball whether it is a basketball, rugby ball or football:


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