My club shop vintage version

23 Nov 2022 | News

Whether you are a fan or president of a sports club, you have inevitably heard of the club shop. Indeed, most of the clubs propose a range of products more or less wide to its fans going from the classic supporter’s jersey to the goodies and other gift ideas to offer with the club’s colours. In order to bring originality to your club and following the increasing demand for this shop, we thought it would be a good idea to offer you some vintage sports items that you can easily personalize with your logo or the name of the club.

How to build your club shop?

I have been working in sport for 15 years and I will be able to share my experience with you and complete it with some nice product ideas for your club members.

Most of the time, when it’s not Casal or Decathlon pro who supply your equipment, it’s the small sports shop in the city centre that has proposed a win-win partnership. Ideally, the player who supports you starts by letting you test their products and then especially their sizes, so that children will find their happiness in September at the launch of the season. The smartest ones, such as Décathlon, will ask you to send your trainers directly to them to avoid taking out a whole test park and making the fitting process tedious. Indeed, your training session quickly turns into an ordeal having to try on all the kids, especially if you are missing sizes. Add to that the few little ones who aren’t there and I can assure you that the following year you won’t want to stick around.

 Then there are the products that you have to offer in your shop to bring in a little money for the club’s kitty in order to supplement the meagre subsidies received each year. This kitty will allow you to buy the equipment necessary for training and for the life of the club.

And this is where Ben and Flo can help you because frankly the parents and fans in general are a bit fed up with finding the same jersey in the shop. 


Which vintage product to choose for your shop?


With all the sports we offer you are bound to find the perfect item on our site.

If it’s a rugby club, then our old leather rugby ball is the must-have product to have in your shop. Even if rugby is not the most popular sport on our side, it is our best seller as it appeals to vintage decoration enthusiasts. To complete the laced rugby ball, our vintage cleats will impress by their design: the wooden cleats are hand studded one by one on the sole.

For a football club shop, this pair of vintage shoes will also be a hit. Of course, the handmade leather football is still a must, but the limited edition Wembley model should make a bigger impression on people’s minds, especially for end-of-year gifts.

For some time now we have been developing a range of baseballs that appeal to national clubs. These are generally enthusiasts who find it difficult to find cool products for this sport, which remains a niche compared to those mentioned above. The solid wood baseball bat with its vintage grip is a hit, but it is the old Lemon Peel ball that stands out for the quality of its leather and especially its finish. This model, bigger than the traditional ball, is known and recognized by purists who can no longer find one without spending a fortune. If the club’s logo is added to it, it is highly likely that you will want to contact us before the end of the year (a gift idea).

Finally, the boxing club will be able to offer its fans an unusual punching bag. Indeed we propose an XXL bag of 1m,50 ideal for the boxing foot point and which they will be able to completely use. Moreover, what could be better than to present the sports equipment at the club to make the fans want to buy it at the shop. For this, do not hesitate to ask us for a model to develop the sales of your club shop.

Whatever your sport, we can supply all clubs and their shops. If you don’t want to buy stock, we can also send our vintage products directly to your customers and let you take advantage of our photos on your online shop to present them.

Personalization with your club’s logo.

Today our biggest strength after the range itself of our vintage sportswear is the unlimited customisation of our products. Whether it is the colour, the texture, the variety of the leather, we can choose everything to measure from the moment we are autonomous in the confection. Each request is studied of course we can invest weeks of research and development for 5 quantities but it is quite possible to create an exclusive range for a club which wishes it.

Then comes the personalization of your products with your logo or the name of your club, with no minimum order. We can engrave or press the leather with your logo anywhere on the product, whether it is leather or wood.

Customizing your own football or rugby ball is truly exceptional. Even better, you can put your logo on your range in the club shop and we can add the fan’s name on request! What do you think about it?