Gift idea: a ball customized with your name or logo

25 Aug 2022 | News, News

The subject of customizing our old rugby balls and vintage footballs has come up often since our creation 10 years ago. Indeed, a customized rugby ball with your first name or logo has become almost an obligation for our small company in order to meet the numerous requests from our customers wishing to offer an original gift to a fan of the oval ball. Good news, we have finally put in place one of the best current processes to customize our balls and other vintage sports items (football and rugby cleats, bases, cricket bats, basketballs, etc.) which should ensure a little more our position as an expert in the vintage sports decoration market.

1. Stamped ball customization

1.1 Stamped logo (professional customization)

The first way to customize a leather rugby ball is to hammer a punch to mark the leather in the early stages of manufacture. This method is relatively simple but the manufacture of the striking plate is very expensive. The leather is stamped as the name suggests and the rugby ball is marked for life. The customization is quite simple as the size of the stamp is usually very small. This method of customization is therefore recommended for professionals who wish to mark their vintage football or rugby ball with their logo on a whole series of several dozen quantities. We generally offer this type of service from 100 quantities. A customized rugby ball with your own brand name is then possible at Ben and Flo.

1.2 A customized ball with stamped letters (your name, date of birth, wedding)

Another way to customize your vintage rugby ball is to stamp letters one by one on the leather to mark it with your name, first name or the date of your choice. It’s really nice and accessible for everyone but it takes a lot of time which we didn’t think was feasible especially during the busy holiday season when there is a lot of demand for individualisation (gift wrap, engraving, etc). A customized rugby ball or football with a kick can be made by you.

2. Laser customization

Faster, more modern and above all more efficient, professional laser engraving allows us to obtain outstanding precision and is therefore aimed at demanding people. This is the method we have chosen to customize our rugby and basketballs as well as our entire range of Ben and Flo products. The laser engraved rugby ball must have a thick leather, usually over 3mm. This allows the engraving to deeply mark the ball with your logo or name. Vegetable tanning is a plus as the slow process does not remove the structure of the leather and will not leave unsightly burrs as on a lower quality rugby ball that is tanned much faster. The advantage of the custom lazer ball is that it is not that expensive once you have the right machine and know how to set it up perfectly. We may be a little unassuming in saying this, but we sincerely believe that we are the only ones offering this level of precision in ball engraving on the market today. As proof, we regularly share photos of our balls engraved with your name on social networks and the wow factor is always there. Here is one of them, what do you really think? Leather ball laser engraving The advantage of this laser engraving is that it lasts over time because it is engraved in the leather itself. We can choose the depth of engraving and the power of the laser for a more or less clear effect on your balloon. For example, if you want an antique effect and to be able to continue to let your collector’s item have a patina over the writing of your first name, it is in your interest to ask for a light engraving in power. To do this, simply specify it in the field dedicated to personalisation when entering your order details. Demande de personnalisation As for fonts, they are infinite, with everything you can find on the web, and it’s a good thing we are able to import the ones we want into our tool. We invite you to have a look at Dafont, the typography specialist website. To make it easier for you to customize your ball, we have drawn up a list of fonts that correspond to a large part of your needs. This will allow you to choose your font when you place your order. So if you are in a hurry or your budget is tighter we offer a good dozen of very nice fonts of all styles to engrave your rugby or football. To do this go to the ball customization section of our Ben and Flo website where we explain the steps to follow to brand your ball with your name or logo.

Personnalisation ballon de rugby

Customization for a wedding

3. Customized ball with vinyl engraving

One day a client wanted to display our vintage rugby ball to support her wedding rings at her wedding. We told her we didn’t know what to do, so she tinkered with it and took the opportunity to customize it. When we asked her for some photos of her customization, we appreciated the names flocked on the product. She uses the Silhouette Cameo 4 pro machine, which is nothing less than a digital cutter. Vinyl rolls are used to engrave a text or a logo that has been chosen beforehand. Then you have to detach the parts that you don’t use and use another material to transfer your writing. It is therefore a system of cutting and transferring that requires time and the purchase of consumables. Of course, the machine cuts out the shape or the word on the self-adhesive vinyl, BUT there is a whole tedious part afterwards which also takes time. In addition, vinyl is a material that has to be produced using environmentally unfriendly petroleum, which could be avoided for simply customizing a product. The customized vinyl rugby ball is therefore possible and you could, for example, find out about it in a specialist decorating / DIY shop. If you have other ideas for customizing a ball with your name or club name we are clearly open to any proposal to experiment with.