Old polo mallet – stick – polo club hammer


Dimensions: about 110cm x 21cm

Weight: about 550g

Product description

The old polo mallet is also known as a mallet, stick, bat or polo club, whatever you want to call it. Whatever you call it, it will always consist of a long bamboo stick and a head for hitting the ball.

For the most part, these antique long-handled polo mallets were used to play polo from the late 19th century until recent years. For those unfamiliar with the sport of polo, here’s a quick refresher. Two teams of four riders have to send a wooden ball into the opponent’s goal, using this 1.20m long mallet that each rider holds in his hand, while controlling their own horse.

Some of our old polo mallets must have found their way into the hands of British officers, which explains why James Salter’s factory was based in Aldershot, the home of the British army.

Their manufacture all in bamboo wood is generally 100% English and some are even stamped J.SALTER & HIS ALDERSHOT made in England. What a pleasure to be able to afford vintage sporting goods directly made in England with their own history!

For those who don’t know, J.SALTER has become famous all over the world for its high quality products. The secret of its success is due to the use of the best materials in order to make products that are constantly improved. Currently, the “old polo mallets” are sold for an average of 150 to 200€ each. It is thanks to a large purchasing capacity that we can offer them to you at less than 100€. If you have the possibility to come to our workshop, you can even choose the vintage polo mallet that suits you among our numerous models.

These hard-to-find old sporting goods will appeal to those who love classy vintage decor and appreciate fashion. Ralph Lauren polo shirt wearers will find here an original way to sublimate the wall of their bedroom or living room for example.

To choose among our arrivals and enjoy other photos, I advise you to follow closely the news feed of our Facebook page and to manifest yourself as soon as you see a pearl passing by. Another possibility, once you have bought this old polo mallet (only after the order), we can send you by MMS several models to choose from, before we proceed to the shipping 😉 Remember to specify it in the notes of your order when you enter your shipping address.

As always, if you are an antique dealer, a retailer, a restorer or any other decoration professional, we systematically offer discounts on several quantities allowing us to be a supplier of vintage decoration everywhere in France and even in the world.


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