What gift for a rugby fan?

22 Nov 2022 | News


The problem with giving a gift for a rugby fan is that you are not necessarily an expert. If you search a little on the internet you will come across generic sites that try to list “top 10 gift ideas for rugby fans” that sometimes have no head or tail. Unfortunately, the only purpose of these sites is to get you to spend money with pure web players such as Amazon, who give them back a part of the turnover generated.

Yet there are some real nuggets that would make a great gift for a rugby fan. So Flo and I thought we’d spend a few days looking for the perfect gift idea. We quickly realised that this gift depended on the budget of each person and especially on the appetite for other subjects such as decoration, textiles or even going to see matches for example.

That’s why in this article, we will divide the gift ideas into 3 parts.

1. Noble rugby gifts.


1.1 : The wooden rugby ball


What could be better than the smell of wood to attract the attention of the one you want to spoil? In France, there are many woodturners who can easily make you a solid wood rugby ball.

The ball will be made by hand on a wood lathe with the wood species you choose. Your woodturner may not have all the species in his workshop. Our advice is to choose a piece of wood on your side that is larger than your balloon and bring it to him. This will save you money and give you the opportunity to find an old wood with a lot of character.

On Leboncoin, for example, there are plenty of individuals who give away old oak for a few euros.

This way you can offer a 100% made in France gift and you will have partially designed the gift for your rugby fan 😉

If you are short of time there are craftsmen who specialise in this original turnkey gift and who design a whole range of wooden rugby balls. This is the case of Pierre Armengaud Maitre Ebeniste who makes beautiful wooden balls in Toulouse. You can contact “Les Ballons de Rugby en Bois” in Belpech 11420 on The website is under construction but you can call them on our behalf.



1.2 : The great gift for a rugby fan: the leather ball


It’s the ultimate easy gift and one you’re pretty sure your rugby fan will love. 

If you have a small budget, choose the mini version of the rugby ball, at less than 25€, it will make a big impact and can be taken anywhere, even in the car.

If you have a medium budget but want a piece that will mark him for life, choose a leather rugby ball made entirely by hand. You can mark his name on the leather of the ball to personalize the gift to your rugby fan!

Ok the price goes up quickly but you can stop depending on your budget. Quite frankly, with the raw version without inflation or additional options you will offer a present for less than 50€ to your fan 😉

If your budget is even more limited, Maison du Monde sometimes offers balls for less than 30€ in its shops but the rendering will be different. Chrome tanning often gives a plastic and more modern look to your ball, so we strongly recommend vegetable tanning if you have the choice and if your rugby fan likes authentic products. 

Last but not least, you can look for old rugby balls on Leboncoin. Make sure you register an alert on “old rugby ball” or “old rugby ball” and you will be surprised to see some beautiful original and sometimes collectible pieces for a rugby purist. If you are not in a hurry, this is the best solution for a rugby fan’s gift and especially the cheapest 😉

With the leather rugby ball, the only risk is that he already has one, but for that, it will be easy to check before you make the purchase.

If he does, chances are he has a very cheap plastic or wooden tee (the name given to the ball’s holder) bought on the other side of the world. In that case, the following gift should please you 😉


1.3 : A luxury base for his rugby ball

Want a more original gift idea for a rugby fan who already has a rugby ball? Then offer him a solid oak base or a walnut tee to present his most beautiful ball.

Once again, the handmade on a noble material which is wood should be perfect for lovers of beautiful pieces. On the other hand, if you are dealing with a modern man with a sleek, lacquered interior, avoid this gift in favour of more design, as we shall see in a second part.

Another possibility if you have a budget higher than the ball base is to personalise your gift but this time with the logo of his favourite club for example. It will be easy to find the logo of the Rugby Club Toulonnais or the Stade Toulousain Rugby. However, be careful with image rights, for example if you want a ball from the XV de France it is always preferable to buy it directly from their shop as you must own the rights if you decide to have the logo flocked on the base or the ball.

Of course you can always keep it classic and simply engrave the name or first name of your rugby fan.


4 Ben and Flo rugby balls

2. Think creative and handmade gift for your enthusiast

Indeed, these days there are many websites that list beautiful creations that might appeal as a gift idea for a rugby fan. This will get someone working in their workshop and you are pretty sure to catch your fan’s eye.


2.1 Etsy for a handmade rugby gift


Etsy is a marketplace that lists thousands of designers around the world who practice Do It Yourself! You’ll find jewellery and accessories for home decoration, weddings and parties, toys, art, collectibles and creative supplies.

Amongst all these categories you may come across some nice gifts for rugby players like this frame or this one in digital format.

If you’re more of a jewellery person, then a rugby bracelet might be for you.

2.2 Amazon, if you really haven’t found a gift yet.


Indeed the web giant can help you out with some classic gifts for a rugby fan, such as the famous RugbyMen comic book.

We also found nice the 3D wooden puzzle representing a rugby ball!!

The advantage of Amazon and you know it is that you can easily make a return if the gift was not suitable to its fan. As soon as the package is posted, Amazon will refund your return.

2.3 Rugby club shops ideal for supporters


If you dig a little, you will quickly find the club that your fan supports and will be able to please them if you make sure that they have not already heard it.

Stade Toulousain, for example, offers a whole range of fan goodies and renews its range every year.