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18 Oct 2022 | Our customers

Amongst our little prides, we have the leader of online tennis who has just called on us to create its first page dedicated to vintage tennis on its website.

When Jean-Christophe Schaffo, contacted us on October 19th 2016, to ask us if we could provide him with tennis rackets, we started by blushing shortly after googling him!

But soon enough, we thought that there must not be many of us in France with so many vintage tennis rackets in stock for him to be interested in us.

The idea is interesting because their company buys batches of rackets from us and resells them individually on their website, which is a great entry point for potential new customers. As some of our rackets are valuable to some seasoned collectors, it’s clear that selling them by the picture attracts interest, allowing them to offer them at a higher price.

Tennis pro consulted us several times and we were even able to deliver the rackets directly to one of their shops in Thionville (57) just next door.

tennis pro shop thionville

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