Vintage leather punching bag (handmade 1920-1930)

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Dimensions: height 1.40m or 1m high without chains; 45cm diameter

Weight: approximately 2500g

Compatible with: leather boxing gloves

Product description

This old leather punching bag is part of the mythical equipment of the modern boxer. Measuring one metre high without its chains and up to 1.45 m with them, this punching bag will not go unnoticed in your home. It will also find a place in your gym to help you perfect your punch.

You can fill it with plastic bags or other stuffing if you are going to use it for decoration, or you can fill it with sand or foam to weight it down for use. Then hang it in your gym in a strategic place (we offer professional hanging systems if you wish). If you’re a purist, you can fill this old punching bag with horsehair which, combined with our premium leather, will give you a punching comfort you won’t find anywhere else.

Unlike our competitors’ vintage punching bags, which are usually armed with steel chains, our “heavy bag” has a 42 cm copper chain so you can easily tie it to your ceiling or wall with special hardware (which we also sell). The four attachment points sewn into the punching bag allow it to withstand all possible blows.

To ensure perfect mobility, the vintage punching bag is also equipped with a swivelling copper hanging loop.

This vintage punching bag is made of high quality genuine leather. Thick and supple as our connoisseur customers demand, this precise model has been handcrafted in a way that gives it an outstanding finish.

It is a rare model, currently unavailable elsewhere in France. It is also a boxing or decorative accessory that is becoming difficult to find on the antique market.

This unique product has also been used by internationally renowned photographers for various photo shoots as you can see in our “our pro customers” section or through these few photos.

Vieille photo noir et blanc d'un ancien sac de frappe et de son boxeur

Our punching bag put to the test in “Lui” magazine

To return to the history of the punching bag,

At the beginning of the 20th century, the world of boxing underwent a profound change, particularly with regard to training accessories. Before, the use of various materials for training was forbidden, but from the 20th century onwards, it became a tradition. Among these famous accessories, we find the leather punching bag.

Since then, all the great boxers in history have used the punching bag as leather equipment. And if you are not a boxer but just a fan of this noble art, you can get one and use it as a decoration at home as well.

Even today, all boxers use this type of equipment for training. It is also present in most gyms as it is an excellent piece of equipment to improve your heart rate. Vintage leather models are also very popular as a decorative item.


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