Vintage handmade leather gym mat 1935 – 1945


Finish: hand patinated with natural wax.
Dimensions: 180x100x10cm or 150x80x5cm

Product description

The vintage leather gym mat is one of the most beautiful pieces we have in our collection of antique sports equipment. Also known as a leather tatami, it will delight judokas who wish to create a dojo area at home.

It was born from a desire to combine aesthetics with muscle strengthening and relaxation. Why are we obliged to buy a product made of plastic and other petroleum derivatives as soon as we want to invest in a gym or fitness room in our home? We are not even talking about the limited lifespan of these low-end products which are nevertheless imposed in all fitness centres, including the most high-end ones. With perspiration, the materials that absorb it wear out even faster.

So we came up with an all-purpose gym mat that can be used for yoga or relaxation sessions as well as for a motor skills session on the floor with reno or strength training.

Judokas, for example, will be delighted to train on our leather mat as it is thick and dense, thus absorbing falls. The firmness of the foam used meets the demands of athletes and fighters. Even if this leather mat is primarily reserved for decoration, you can still use it in moderate intensity.

We currently offer it in 2 lengths, but we can also make a custom-made leather mat according to your specific needs. In this case it is advisable to contact us and to specify your quantities and the desired deadlines in order to bring you a precise answer on the feasibility of your project.

At present, our gym tatami is made of buffalo leather so that it is more resistant than the cowhide we usually use. Exceptionally we have used mineral tanning to give a smoother aspect to the tatami. Indeed, we remind you that almost all Ben and Flo leather products are made with vegetable tanned leather to keep a more antique look.

2 sizes available for the moment with 2 slightly different colours:

180cm x 100cm x10cm ideal for combat sports or to get closer to a vintage mattress

150cm x 80cm x 5cm the ultimate all-round fitness mat.

High-end gyms that would like to differentiate themselves will find this type of product an ideal way to make an impression on their customers.

Our vintage leather gym mat is much thicker than what is available on the sports market but the good news is that you can roll it up for storage although it will be more physical than a simple foam yoga mat.

The cowhide leather used is the same as the rest of our range. It is thicker than most (2.6 to 2.8mm) and its vegetable tanning gives our mat a vintage feel. It has been patinated several times to give it a retro touch in your decoration.

Please note that we are still in a prototyping period with only a few quantities in stock, our rug is certainly not perfect and we are open to your ideas and feedback. These mats do not come from a standard production where all cuts and seams are straight. On our leather tatami, most of the seams are still made by hand. If you want a version with all our feedback and development ideas you can pre-order by simply contacting us.

The colours can also vary. For the moment we are working on our best seller with the Havana (small model) and we also have the Cognac (large model)

As the antique leather gym mat is entirely handmade, we can adapt it to your budget without having to manufacture a series.


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