Vintage canvas and leather golf bag (vintage tourbon)

A partir de 84,00

Dimensions: 1m high and 25cm wide

Weight: about 800g

Compatible with: wood and iron golf clubs

Product description

We have been offering WOOD and IRON golf clubs in different versions (wooden or steel shafts, etc.) for some years now, but we have never before offered a vintage canvas or leather golf bag to protect and transport your collection.

We have just received a batch of vintage golf bags from the UK, like most of our vintage products. As you can see in the picture, most of them are even stamped “made in England” and have become rare items to find.

So if you want to decorate your home or create a retro atmosphere in your restaurant, this vintage golf bag should fit the bill.

They all have numerous pockets and leather straps (or imitation depending on the option chosen at the time of ordering) in more or less good condition. Please note that these are collectors’ items that have been used for many years on the English green. As always, we don’t sell them by the photo in order to keep the price low (the photo shoot and the uploading being very time consuming), so you will find some examples of pieces we have sold.

To help you in your choice, we have still isolated the most beautiful golf bags made of leather that you can choose at the time of your purchase by clicking on the “premium” version. Also, if you wish, we can send you a photo before the shipment of your tourbon once you have ordered and this only for the premium version of the vintage golf bag. Premium product = premium service (see our FAQ).

You can also follow us on social networks and watch for our arrivals ! So as soon as you see an old vintage golf bag that you like, let us know in the comments or in a private message to ensure its availability for you 😉


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