Vintage Boxing Gloves John Woodbridge and Sons makers Ltd

A partir de 74,00

Dimensions: about 23cm x 15cm

Weight: about 600g

Compatible: punching bag and speed bulb

Product description

John Woodbridge’s vintage boxing gloves come in a variety of colors: Cognac, black or brown.

This is a new pair of boxing gloves with a very vintage look that should find its place in your gym. Available in 3 colors, this new line stamped John Woodbridge should please you. It is also found under other brands in England because it is a best seller for years. They are handcrafted and upholstered with natural fibers (usually horsehair as is the tradition).

According to our customers, this model of gloves seems to be sought after because it is very “puffy” as the English say (understand “puffy” or voluminous) and thus gives a really nice look when the pair of vintage boxing gloves is hung up.

However, we have to be honest, the quality of the leather or rather its thickness is not the same as the model of gloves we offer at 84€. The John Woodbridge vintage boxing gloves are not really wearable as they are 1920 reissues as stated on their website. They are also a bit smaller than the standard ones. So it is only for decoration that the John Woodbridge vintage model will be useful.

On our pair of “home-made” boxing gloves, the seams will be more “neat” and the padding much firmer and therefore heavier, so you can use our gloves as they are “full size”. The John Woodbridge model will find a lot of takers among vintage decorators with small budgets because its rendering is just as remarkable as you can see on the pictures.


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