Vintage baseball glove (USA antique)

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Dimensions: about 25cm x 25cm

Weight: from 500 to 800g

Compatible: baseball bat and baseball

Product description

After many requests about Baseball, the vintage antique baseball glove seemed like a must-have. We figured it would be easy to hunt for them around the world, but that’s not how the story went. Despite the fact that baseball is so popular in the United States with an impressive number of players on the continent, we still find it difficult to get home quality vintage baseball gloves. College kids don’t seem to let go of their first glove so easily.

As always, we sell only the finest leather pieces we can find. Every baseball glove should become a prestigious antique in your living room.

  • Sometimes the leather and the stitching are very thick, which gives it a rusticity that cannot be beaten. This is the case of the dark vintage baseball glove.
  • Sometimes the patina of the leather is lighter and the thickness often (not always) thinner for the leather. This is the case of the light vintage baseball glove.

Either way you can be sure that each one is truly authentic and has a real story behind it. All of our photos attest to this, and you should know that they all come from our various collections and lots of gloves that we have owned. The regulars will recognize the colors of our workshop and the different “backgrounds”. By the way, if you pass by you are free to come and choose the vintage baseball glove that suits you best, we usually have about ten in stock.

For the others, you’ll have to watch our arrivals on social networks and leave us a message in the comments if you have a crush. We can also (only after the order is placed) send you a picture by MMS or Whatsapp video of some baseball gloves to let you choose.

Be careful, as always for our sports antiques, these baseball gloves are available in ultra limited quantities sometimes. If the product of this article is not available at the moment you read us, simply send us an e-mail via the contact form to be kept informed as soon as new gloves are received.

Think about it, an old baseball glove is an original gift idea for a student, for father’s day, a birthday or simply Christmas ! You know what you have to do, order and talk about it around you 😉


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