Rugby ball inner tube for repair


Size: about 20cm

Weight: 80g approx.

Inflation instructions: beware of natural latex inner tube, be sure to lubricate the needle before penetration to avoid damage to the valve (see details in our FAQ).      

Product description

Do you have an old rugby ball at home that you would like to repair? Our rugby ball inner tube is just the thing to give your ball a new lease of life, and it’s premium quality like no other (inner tube over 100 grams) thanks to superior injection at the time of manufacture. The quality of our ball inner tube will make the inflation more durable and the valve stronger. Wondering how to repair your rugby ball? First, make sure it has a lace so you can open it. Then, remove the old defective inner tube and make sure that the punctured part is no longer inside the ball. Use a light and run your hand around. Be careful, it can happen that the valve of your inner tube does not play its role of opening/closing anymore which can explain your puncture. To find out, nothing could be simpler, put a little water in the hole of your valve and see what happens. If bubbles appear, your inner tube is losing air through its valve. It’s a classic that many people don’t know about. Here is a video example from our workshop. Another thing that may seem logical to you but has happened to many customers. Try to reinflate your old rugby ball by pushing the needle into the valve before you conclude that it is punctured. Indeed, when you find a dusty old ball in the back of grandpa’s attic, you are sometimes convinced that it is necessarily punctured, when in fact it is not. Next, inflate our inner tube slightly so that it comes off and insert it into your old rugby ball. Use a new lace in the colour of your ball and thread it through the holes in the circle around the valve with a sharpened lace guide. This piece will allow your inner tube to stay in place once you have closed the ball. With the lace, continue your work, this time through the holes in the leather of your ball. Inflate the inner tube a little more to tighten the leather panels and position the inner tube in the balloon. Close and tie the ball, then you can cut the excess lace. Some people use a discreet glue dot, but it is not necessary. That’s it, your old rugby ball is fixed. Don’t forget to send us one or two small photos of your ball, we will be happy to keep them in our collection and why not share them. Repairing your old rugby ball is both simple and tedious, that’s why we now offer to take care of it in our workshop, so if you need it (only old laced balls) contact us. Also if you are a professional or if you wish to buy several inner tubes, we offer preferential rates on request (from 5 to 20% discount depending on the quantities required).


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