Old wooden field hockey stick (sports decoration)

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Dimensions: about 90cm long and 12cm wide

Weight: about 500g

Product description

Here is an old collection field hockey stick made of wood. It is a stick more used for playing on grass. However, use it to decorate your living room or your gym in a very vintage way as always with our products. Collectors should also fall in love with this product, especially the premium version, as it is usually a rare piece and especially in excellent condition.

With a variable length of 163 cm maximum, the stock is extended by a curved paddle with a maximum length of 32 cm. The height of the blade is between 5 and 7.5 cm.

All our field hockey sticks come from England and have been used by players belonging to the last century.

Even if we publish all our arrivals on our Facebook page, you should know that the photo of our last batch received is automatically uploaded here in our item sheet (photos attached to the ad).

If you choose the premium version of the cricket bat, we can also send you a photo by MMS, only after your order, of a few models of the range to let you choose before shipping, this is the easiest way to “choose” at a distance without falling into the sale “at the photo” as can propose the antique dealers. Our job is to equip private individuals or professionals with sporting goods, so we have to guarantee low prices by limiting as much as possible the expenses of this type (the setting on line of a precise advertisement with the characteristics of the stick and its photographs being very time-consuming, contrary to a small photograph taken with the telephone at the workshop).


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