Old leather soccer ball Wembley 1930

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Finish: hand-patinated with a natural honey-coloured wax.
Dimensions: size 5 (adult standard) or about 23cm in diameter
Compatible with our bases and inflates with a pump and needle that we sell.
Weight: about 350gr

Inflating instructions: be careful with the natural latex bladder, be sure to lubricate the needle before penetration to avoid damage to the valve (see details in our FAQ).

Product description

This old soccer ball is also made of leather but it has a particularity: it contains an assembly of 12 panels in the shape of a T which gives it its rarity on the market of “collector’s items”.

Some people call it T-shape because this ball with its 12 sides is clearly inspired by the one that allowed the Uruguayan team to win the first edition of the World Cup against Argentina.

The ball also features the lettering J HOPPKINS and SONS London EST. 187g in reference to the Wembley football stadium.

This old leather soccer ball with its atypical panels requires real craftsmanship. They were once used for soccer, but today they are mainly used for decoration. The manufacturing method has not changed, they are still handmade.

The leather is thick with reinforced seams and you will appreciate its old honey-coloured patina which gives it a special cachet. The tanning of the leather has been particularly careful for this piece.

As we explain HERE in our FAQ, each piece that leaves our workshop is unique. The processes used have been the same for several generations so even though we make several quantities of each model, they all have some imperfections that ensure their vintage look.

To see the details of our leather ball arrivals and to get an idea of the different models, you can have a quick look at our Facebook page.


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