Old boxing speedball punching ball

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Dimensions: approx. 38cm x 20cm

Weight: approx. 450g

Compatible with: boxing gloves

Product description

Also known as a speed bag, speedball, or punching ball, the old boxing speedball is nothing more or less than a punching bag, except that it is small and light. The reason for this is simple, the “leather ball” that the bulb forms is filled with a inner tube, whereas the large punching bag is filled with foam or horse hair, for the purist boxers.

The speedball is an accessory that is useful to the boxer to work on the speed of his movements and thus considerably build up his cardio when he is a beginner. Thanks to the repetition of the gestures, the boxing speedball allows to optimize the movement without working on the strength or the power of the strike. This way, you become a more enduring boxer, which often makes the difference at the end of the fight. The speedball is also used in Thai boxing or kickboxing and sometimes even in some gym fitness classes.

Handcrafted from thick vegetable-tanned leather, this old speedball even has a rotating brass hook that allows it to move completely freely for use. This hook also has 4 flared holes to attach the punching ball wherever you want. This gift will please a boxer, whether it is for personal decoration or even for daily use in the gym, if they wish.

The boxing speedball has been made in the same way in our workshop for several generations. Not to be confused with the reissues that can be found on the internet today with poor quality chrome tanned leather.

Most of our old speedballs have one of our stamps “Handcrafted since 1924-Designed in France-Vegetable tan leather by Ben @ Flo” or sometimes “Epic Sport Outfitters London” or “Guball Sports London England All leather Handsewn since 1966” depending on the batch they belong to (we have several workshops and sell in several countries). We can also put your first name or company logo on your speedball and customize it. Customization of our boxing gloves is also possible. Writing your first name on your gloves or on your boxing speedball is a remarkable gift idea that is sure to please. Apparently we are the only ones to offer this customization service.

We still offer our 2 classic colours, on the one hand a rather dark brown, on the other hand a lighter colour which is closer to a havana/cognac/honey.

Please note that, as with all our products, the colour may also vary slightly depending on the dosage used for the patina, the tanning of the leather and the origin of the leather. For the same product, the photo, depending on the light used, can give it a different appearance, despite a fine-tuned white balance.

That’s why we put pictures of our old boxing pear taken in different light conditions as you can see.

Example: the punching-ball taken on our sofa is the same colour (havana-brown) as the one taken in daylight (on a cloudy day) on our veranda.


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