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Dimensions: height 1.40m or 1m high without chains; 45cm diameter

Weight: approximately 2500g

Compatible with: leather boxing gloves    

Product description

This vintage leather punching bag is a (re)edition from the 1920s-1930s that has become a real collector’s item for French and English boxing fans or any other combat sport.

Purists looking for quality for their personal boxing gym will be delighted. This leather punching bag, also known as a “heavy bag”, is over a metre high and will look great in your gym or hanging from a beautiful exposed beam in your loft. Give your home an exceptional retro boxing style while leaving you free for a well-placed right when you feel like it.

You can fill the punching bag “lightly” for decoration or weight it down with foam if you want to punch in it. Boxers wishing to follow the old-fashioned rules will even fill it with horsehair for a perfect feel behind the boxing glove. Then tie it to the ceiling (if necessary we offer a hanging system for your punching bag).

To do this, the leather punching bag has an antique copper chain of about 42cm to hang it in the air and 4 attachment points to solidify the whole thing. At the price of copper, you will quickly understand why our leather punching bag is really a unique piece and incomparable to the cheap punching bag of Domyos (Décathlon) or Intersport.

As for our competitors’ vintage punching bags, they usually only have steel chains, at best repainted in a copper or imitation brass colour. As always on the “Ben & Flo” website you are sure to find quality.

Our bag is made from high quality leather that is both thick and relatively supple, guaranteeing its authenticity in the eyes of the most demanding specialists. The natural state of the leather makes it slightly padded to the touch.

This version of our punch bag tends towards havana brown / camel but we also offer another punching bag in a slightly darker brown leather. This way we can match the different leather colours with our boxing gloves. Some prefer to have a slice, others prefer to have a more homogeneous look.

This is a leather punching bag that has been made entirely by hand in our workshop. For several generations, our little hands have been making sports equipment in this way. Since the 1920s and 1930s, you can find this type of item in London antique shops, some of which we supply.

Today, it is a rare model, almost impossible to find in France.

Only the John Woodbridge and Sons Makers punching bags come close, but that’s without taking into account the exceptional size of our bag and the quality of the materials we choose to make them from, such as copper vs steel.

Look at the closing flap to put the ballast in, its thickness is essential to guarantee a “solid” product. The quality of our chains, all in copper, and especially the patina we use, allow the exceptional rendering that you can appreciate on the pictures.

Our vintage sports items are sought after by many professionals around the world, whether for television or simply for photo shoots. By the way, if you live in the North-East of France, now is the time to come and meet us at our showroom near Metz. It is in this exhibition area that many photographers meet to showcase their models (or the lingerie they wear, as you will see in some of the photos taken for brands or boutiques) or to enhance a wedding photo.

As you can see, this leather boxing accessory is becoming very difficult to find on the antiques market.

This shows that even with quality, we can offer a genuine leather punching bag that is affordable or even “cheap” in the eyes of some of our customers.

You will regularly find examples on our website Ben & Flo in our “our pro customers” section.


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