Leather punching bag 150cm (Genuine Buffalo) XXL

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Dimensions: height 1.90m or 1.50m high without chains; 45cm diameter

Weight: about 4300g!

Compatible: leather boxing gloves

Product description

This 150cm long genuine Buffalo leather punching bag is a first for Ben and Flo as it is an unusual leather usually reserved for the luxury industry. The 150cm leather punching bag allows for fist-punching unlike its smaller brother the 100cm vintage punching bag.

The texture of the Buffalo leather gives a much more vintage look to the punching bag than the cowhide leather we offer on our other models.

The weight of the punching bag alone and without filling is more than 4kg sometimes up to 4,5kg!

If you are still hesitating with other models of some competitors like John Woodbridge for example for the vintage, we advise you to ask the weight and thickness of their 150cm leather punching bag 😉

MMA, Venum, Everlast, Metal box and many others should contact us soon to reference our XXL punching bag model

To top it all off, we have chosen, as for most of our range of vintage sports products, to use vegetable tanning on our animal skins. This takes much longer than the mineral chrome tanning used by 95% of the leather industry and therefore 100% of our competitors. However, vegetable tanning has much less impact on the environment (if any) as it uses a mixture of plants and spices. There are many oil baths to soften the leather which is more “brittle” when it leaves the tannery. The process is much longer and therefore more expensive, so we have to anticipate more and are therefore regularly out of stock on this type of product.

The handmade process is not easy and the product is never perfect as we explain here on our vintage blog.

The result of a natural patina on the vintage punching bag is fabulous as it gives it a character that no competitor can match. Enjoy the character given to it by the antique patina that is applied at the end of the manufacturing process.

Another good thing about the vintage Buffalo leather punching bag is that it is thicker than average and therefore stronger if you want to use it. Our competitors usually work with 1.5 to 2mm leather (ask them as well), we are more like 3mm for ours. So the weight will not be the same either because when working on a vintage punching bag with buffalo leather even on a small size we know that we will happily exceed 2 or 3kg on most of our pieces.

For boxers who wish to use our punching bags more or less intensively, they will be able to do so without any problem, which is not always the case with the much cheaper models found on the Internet.

The icing on the cake is that you can now personalize your 150cm vintage punching bag with your first name or club logo for example, so think about it before investing in this collector’s item.

You can fill the vintage punching bag lightly with simple bags or bubble wrap if it’s for decoration or weight it down with foam or shredded fabric if you want to punch in your boxing gym. Purist boxers who want to play by the rules will even fill it with horsehair for a perfect feel. Then tie it to the ceiling (if needed we can offer you a hanging system for your punching bag) and you can start boxing.

Our vintage Buffalo leather punching bag has a 42cm antique copper chain to hang it in the air and 4 attachment points to solidify it. Between the Buffalo leather, the vegetable tanning and the alloy used to hang it you will quickly understand why our vintage punching bag is really different. Ben even thinks that in the long run it will become completely unobtainable as the materials and the knowledge of “hand sewing” become rare.

This version of our vintage punching bag is camel / havana tan, the most versatile colour in our range as the background is the same as most of our products (boxing gloves, balls, etc) but the antique patina finish darkens it a bit.


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