Antique wooden baseball bat (Louisville Slugger, etc)

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Dimensions: between 80 cm and 1m for the adult size x 6-7 cm diameter / less than 80 cm for the child size / less than 60 cm for the mini bats

Weight: about 700-900g for the adult size

Finish: usually made of ash wood

Product description

Who has never dreamed of finding an old wooden baseball bat from an American series? A few months ago, we found for you a whole lot of old baseball bats coming directly from the United States. Most of them come from the LOUISVILLE factory and some of them are even stamped “Made in USA”.

The “Louisville Slugger” is the famous wooden bat of the American game called BASEBALL !

Other models of our current stock, also come from England as the famous Softball; country in which we go regularly to hunt for new vintage sports products.

You should know that we offer you 32 sizes when you make your purchase (the small or the mini are rather intended for the decoration of the room of your child for example).

If you want to use it for a more traditional decoration (hanging on the wall for example), you can also find on our site a more sober model of baseball bat with the usual brown color / patina that characterizes our vintage products.

You will find in pictures several examples of wooden bats already sold, because we can’t put everything in illustration and even less make a picture of each product as a rather connected antique dealer could do.

If we want to continue to offer affordable prices, you have to trust us. However, you can let us know as soon as we publish a new arrival on social networks like here our Facebook page for example, and be part of the privileged ones who will be able to choose THEIR baseball bat! If you are patient and vigilant (they usually leave very quickly), leave us a little message in the comments of the picture to reserve the model.

It is possible for us, if you request it, (after your purchase only), to send you an MMS with a few bats in stock to let you choose, just before the preparation of your package.

Our philosophy has always been to remain accessible to the greatest number of people and to offer authentic products, but for decoration more than for collection! So even if some bats can be real collector’s items (yes, some customers have done business), they remain accessories to decorate your home.

Some of you ask us if you can use our sports products. We answer mostly “yes” and this is even more true with the baseball bat you will receive. The sizes are all “standard” which will allow you for example in adult size, to make pretty swing in your garden if you wish it.

  • The adult size baseball bat weighs a little less than 1kg and is a little less than 1m (42 inches) long depending on the model.
  • The children’s baseball bat is a little smaller than the adult size and is closer to 80 cm (26 inches).
  • The “mini” sizes of our bats are only for decoration and are generally less than 60 cm.

Please note that the wooden bat we sell is the one used by the pros on the baseball field. It offers the best hitting comfort (even if the size of the sweet spot is smaller) and above all a sound that other materials like aluminum will never match. Wood may be too “old school” for some, but it’s still the best on the field today.

So have fun!


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