Ball decoration: don’t forget the wooden base!

24 Aug 2022 | News

Whether you want to present the latest xv france rugby ball that has been given to you or to present a collector’s rugby ball that you have just acquired, the wooden tee stand is the complementary object that will make the difference.


What is a rugby tee?


The customer who buys our vintage balls is not necessarily a passionate rugby man, we have found. When it’s a gift, for example, it’s often the lady who takes care of it.

But have you ever wondered how to get your rugby ball to fit on the living room furniture?

Unlike a football, a rugby ball is oval and needs a base to be displayed, otherwise it will fall off! This base, called a rugby tee, is used on the field to present the ball before trying to convert it.

Do you see now? At Ben and Flo’s we thought that we should use the shape of this plastic piece to nobly present your ball on the living room furniture. This is how the wooden base for your ball was born.

Which wooden base to buy to display a ball?


Then there is the question of budget. They are all nice, but when you start choosing options for your balls it goes up quickly.

So you need to think about choosing fewer options. Most of them are not “vital” to enjoy the work of our balls. In fact, the inflation or gift wrapping can be done by you at a lower cost.

Choose the raw format of our leather balls if you prefer the vintage look and save your budget.

Then you can buy a tee to present your rugby ball without looking like you’ve forgotten something when you give your gift.

If your budget is tight, choose the cheap version of our ball base.

If you don’t know which base to choose and want our best seller, then choose our solid oak tee.

If you want to give yourself or someone else an exceptional piece because of its rarity, then you can choose the walnut ball base. Quantities are limited as it is difficult to find them but the result is magical, especially if you already have walnut furniture in your home.

If, despite all this advice, you can’t buy both (ball + presentation tee), then tell your buyer that we are currently the only ones in the world to offer a wooden ball base made 100% in France. This will prevent them from coming across poor quality tees available from most vintage rugby retailers.

A customized wooden ball base.


As with rugby balls, footballs and basketballs, you can request a customized base at the time of purchase.

A customized base allows you to streamline the presentation of the ball on top. However, if you choose a premium tee stand with character, it might be a shame to engrave it with your club logo.

If you choose to customize your base with your first name, then choose a sober and discreet font and a natural wood colour. If you specify, we can also engrave your tee from below. This is the case for example with a wedding date or anniversary date if you want to mark the wood without it being noticeable.

If you are not sure whether to customize the ball or the base for budget reasons, the price is the same regardless of the medium on which we engrave your name or logo.

Generally speaking, the logo is engraved directly onto the ball, as we can go up to 10cm wide, which makes it much more visible. As for the first name, the base lends itself rather well.

Lastly, more and more customers are buying the base from us when they discover our website Ben and Flo well after they have bought or received a rugby ball. In fact, you may have a recent signed French national team ball that you would like to integrate into your decoration.

Our wooden base is there for that 😉